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change your life in 6 weeks

WHY TUNISIA?... Because it has something for everyone...

  • TUNISIA is a melting pot !

It is one of the best places in the world for work and leisure.

Where else in the world can you find traditional MEDINAS, breathtaking beaches and deserts as well as opportunities to interact with different categories of the Tunisian society.

Take the initiative towards the starting point of your journey that'll include history, culture , myths , legends , cultural adventures and nature .

Warmth, friendliness and a smile is almost always guaranteed from the TUNISIAN PEOPLE.

Different cultures merge to form a unique and interesting TUNISIAN culture.

Tunisian food is a treat for the palette, it is worth trying especially during its beautiful weather and under its blue sky.

Tunisia is waiting for you - By AIESEC Medina !



-The intern will make circle of discussions and sessions with highschool students to discuss the issues Tunisia is suffering from after going through adventures during the STUDY TOUR.
- The intern will make workshops with students in order to create ( a short movie , a song) any creative way to sensibilize Tunisians about the issues their country is suffering from .

Learning Points:

Develop the following competencies:

ability to teach; effective communication; public speaking; manage audience; deal with personal conflicts; deal with social-cultural differences; Planning and Execution the intern will explore a different environment.

Expected Results:

- Intern with good facilitating and communication skills
- Students aware of their country's issues

AIESEC Medina - Study Tour 14-15
Tunisia is waiting for you - By AIESEC Medina !