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A Great Gift for the Holidays


a novel by Ayin Weaver


is a story of our connected humanity. An affirmation of love and courage,

it holds a mirror up to the face of our collective consciousness

with an opportunity to reflection the absurdity of prejudice.

When eccentric artist, Rita Kerner, can no longer tolerate the voices calling out to her in the night, she is determined to find the answer to her haunting situation. The solution is not what she expects. No sooner does she seek help, than she finds herself in a fight for her freedom. Will a coincidental meeting unlock Rita's unique artistic gift, the esoteric key to her sanity and survival.

Bleed Through paints a picture of four diverse families winding their way through 200 years of history. From the outset of this intriguing novel, the clues connecting Rita to the other compelling characters foreshadow surprising events and thought-provoking twists of fate. What unfolds is pure magic.

* * * * * *

BLEED THROUGH, a novel by Ayin Weaver

Makes A Great Gift for All

Lesbian, gay and straight characters from ethnically diverse backgrounds

are the stars of this entertaining tale. On sale at