Child Labor And Trafficking

By-Tyler Allen

Children Working Hard

These kids are are worked till they drop. They work more than the average man works today. These kids will work 10 to 12 hours a day.

Food And Shelter

The fact that they work so hard you would think they can come home and eat a big meal and sleep in a nice bed. Well thats not what they do. The come home to an empty shack with dirt floors. That's not just it they also all have little scraps that there master or owner feeds them.

Pictures Of The Kids

The Selling And Auctions

The thing is with these kids are they are sold face to face or put on and auction block. The thing is the bigger the kid is they will get more money for. The people are looking for kids ready to work.

How They Were Captured

The kids don't want to be here they were either tricked or captured or forced. Some of them are caught as a baby and don't even know it but others do. The thing is that the kids need to be found and set free. Also the people that run this need to be put away for a long time.
World Vision Child Labour