May 2016 Newsletter

World Heritage Midwest

End of the year

As students are departing please remember to receive your end of the year payment all of the following must be entered into the system:
* Monthly contacts until student departure;
-- Remember 2 contacts were to be made in person, and entered in the correct box in the database.
*Student Status is completed (departure itinerary is provided and student out of the country);
*School contacts 1-2
*Student Activities 1-3

The Countdown is on

To receive the early placement bonuses students must be placed prior to June 1st and June 30th. Let's get some students placed!!!

When you get a lead

What to do when you get a lead:

*Call the family within 24 hours of receiving their application.
*Set up a home visit within a day or 2 of receiving their application and making contact.
* Contact the school either the same day or next day to secure a spot.
*Lastly, references need to be done within 3 days.
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Check you email

Area Reps, please check your emails. I've sent out a getting to know you questionnaire several times, but have still only received one. I'd like to get to know ALL of you!! Also, there's a challenge coming your way so be on the lookout for it in your inbox..