Change and property

By Matthew H

chemical changes

a change of a substance that changes it completely or into a new substance.


such as in wood burning into ash, a Molotov cocktail it is alcohol at first but when you throw it busters into flames , and also when lava cools done it turns to rock.

5 indicators of chemical changes

  1. color change
  2. change in temperature
  3. gas produced [not boiling]
  4. 2 liquids mix tow to make a soled
  5. taste smell density texture melting points boiling points hardness etc
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chemical propertes


these properties are when substances interacts with a another substance.


The smell of a bathroom odor, rusting on a car, burning paper.

Physical Chang

The change that alters the form or appearance of a material but dose not change the material.
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Physical properties


the properties that we notice ever day and that we use are 5 senses.


Texture smells tastes