LV Technology 2015-2016

By: Chloe Kabat

6th Grade Units

In this flyer, you will be reading about the different projects and units that we have covered here in Lineville's Technology class. These projects and units include learning to type better on typing web, making an iTrailer, creating a Haiku Deck about our college choice and career, making an explain everything showing step by step how to solve a math problem, learning more about our futures with Career Locker, and problem-solving with Coding.

Typing Web

Typing web is a free website you can use to teach yourself to type the correct way. You start at the beginner level, and move up to intermediate and so on. In 6th grade this year, we have finished intermediate level, and some of our class has started on the advanced level. Typing web works very well, and I can type more efficiently. If you would like to learn more about this website, the link is below.


My personal favorite, the iTrailer is one of the options you can make on the app iMovie. Our teacher let us do whatever we liked with our trailer. For my project, I got the idea to make a horror-themed trailer. It mostly had my brother in it, dressed in weird clothing and umping up the stairs. The title was "The Thing Going Up The Stairs". Literally anything is possible when you have a blank project outline. is a website that you use to problem-solve puzzles by using code blocks with different commands. There are different themed puzzles, including Frozen, Minecraft, Flappy Bird, and other popular things like that.

Career Locker

Career Locker is, depending on how old you are, is a website for grades 5 to high school. It has a list of colleges, technical colleges, and colleges in other states. If you are younger, you might be more into the website for picking out what job would be the best for you. You pick options of what you would prefer, for example, if you prefer creativity, logic, or both. The older website has information about tons of jobs. I personally want to be a sketch artist, and probably have another part time job. If you'd like to visit this website, the link is below.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a website for presentations. You can type main points to have on the board while you talk about them to your classmates, co-workers, whoever. Our class made our own about what our dream job is, the college we would go to for it, and how much the tuition would be to go. We had to have descriptions of what you would do at the job, where you would work, and how much you would earn every year for it. I picked Sketch Artist, because I love to draw and I'm good at it. There were others like video game designer, architecture, and nurse. If you would like to look at my presentation or sighn up for yourself, the link is below