Media & Tech Tips

February 5, 2016

Plug IN!

Please remember to plug your laptop AND your student laptops into the network once a week. Some of the machines seem to be "losing their way" and hard wiring them seems to help!

Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a success! The students had a great time purchasing their books. The profits from our fair allow us to pay for books, laminating materials, and reading incentives. Thanks for your patience and flexibility during the past two weeks!

Six Flags Program

The Six Flags Read To Succeed Program deadline is coming soon! Signed student forms, showing they have read their 360 minutes, are due to you on February 16th! More information to come as the due date drawers nearer.


Everyone at Norton is using the databases the county provides for us! To date this school year, we have a total of 33,816 “clicks”! These databases provide an opportunity for students and teachers to supplement their learning.

Safari Montage Part II

Remember to bring your laptop to the PL room on Monday during your planning for part II of Safari Montage training. Think about a lesson you'd like to improve with the use of multimedia. Our focus will be on how to embed Safari Montage into eCLASS.

eCLASS Ya'll Come!

Laura Girard will be here on February 18, 2016 for an optional eCLASS session. If you need her help with anything eCLASS related, please make plans to attend. She will be available during your planning period.

COMING SOON! New Student Information System

Elementary schools in GCPS will begin learning about the new SIS (Student Information System) in March. Many staff members will be out in March for SIS training. The new system will replace SASI in late June/early July. Teachers will have a preview of the new grade book/attendance program before they leave for summer break!

What's Been Going On??

Some of you might wonder what has been going on in the labs! We have lots of projects being created in the upstairs lab.

Jennifer A. Martin's Kindergarten friends have been "roving reporters" taking pictures of shapes they find in school. They are going to create a class book that plays on the work of Bill Martin & Eric Carle.

Sue Geary's class has been working on using adjectives in their writing. We read the story "Snowmen at Night" and found snowmen of our own in Microsoft Word. After writing about the snowmen they chose, the students put their writing in to create snowman word clouds.

Patricia Buford's fourth graders have been working on learning about the Declaration of Independence. After watching a brief Safari Montage video, the students answered questions as a discussion post in eCLASS. Finally, we took the text of the Declaration of Independence and popped it into Tagxedo to create a word cloud. The next step is for students to write about the words that "jump out" to them from the word cloud.

AS ALWAYS....If you have a project you would like to work on in the lab, please let Jennifer know. If you need ideas for projects, she is more than happy to help!