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SAGE Gifted Pathways Event

SAGE Gifted Pathways
Thursday, November 14, 2019

SAGE's 4th annual mini-conference, GIFTED PATHWAYS: Navigating Your Gifted Child from Kindergarten to College, is Nov. 14, 6:00pm-8:30pm at the GCISD Professional Development and Education Center. Learn about options and opportunities during a gifted child's journey through school.

Keynote: "Developing Talent from Childhood into Early Adulthood"

The SAGE Gifted Pathways evening begins with a keynote by a prominent researcher in gifted education and talent development, creativity, and the history and systems of psychology with educational applications: Dr. Todd Kettler of Baylor University. Read more about the keynote.

Following the keynote will be breakout sessions designed for parents, educators & students in 5th-12th grades. A panel of National Merit Scholars will offer insights on life/studies balance; other breakouts will include college prep information & more!

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5th Grade - Change

Fifth graders have been working on their Mind-Maps about themselves, focusing on elementary school, middle school goals, high school goals, and college choices, and future careers. Our theme this year is CHANGE, and this is a great time to begin to look long-term as they transition to middle school. Mind-mapping is a great strategy, both a logical and creative way, to use for studying, taking notes or visualizing concepts.
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4th Grade - Exploration

Fourth Graders have also been practicing estimation with Esti-Mysteries, and they have benefitted from reading/rereading clues for inferencing, as well as eliminating numbers to a smaller set based on clues.

They have also started a Creative Problem Solving activity that requires multiple steps of reflection, brainstorming, evaluating criteria in order to make a monument of themselves. We learned about the Statue of Liberty, and what each symbol represents. Next week, students will be sketching their monuments, and then they will start building them.

3rd Grade - Power

Third Graders have been engaged making a 3D creation and writing a creative story about it, while trying to practice Alliteration. Next week, they will be presenting these creations and stories to the class, while focusing on voice projection/volume and trying to make eye contact. After presentations, we will watch some clips of good presentation skills and create a class rubric for our future presentations.

2nd Grade - Systems

Second Graders have been working on estimation, Esti-Mysteries, which is a game with clues to make an educated guess, estimate to find out the number of items in a jar. They are learning to eliminate numbers bases on whether they are odd/even numbers, rereading clues, and using math vocabulary.

Below they are working on their first draw starts...all have the same beginning. However, they each brainstormed on a blue sticky about the different possible things they could turn this draw start into. We are looking at flexibility in ideas, originality (one-of-kind ideas), and elaboration (details) that add to the meaning of the picture. Can they blow their picture up to create one big thing out of the two beginning marks? Then, we evaluated the draw starts for one of a kind ideas (originality) and how many different ideas we came up with as a class (Fluency/Flexibility).

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1st Grade - Contribution

This week, first graders used their individual scavenger hunt pictures to create a piccollage about the helpers in our school who contribute to making OCT an awesome school. This ties in to our theme of Contribution.

Students also practiced estimation, using Esti-Mysteries, and by doing so, they learned what it meant to make an educated guess. They practiced using a hundreds chart, and after reading clues, they narrowed down the possibilities to a smaller set. They made their most educated guess, estimate, at the end.

Esti - Mystery Clues from this Week

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