Get Fit or Get Kicked!!!!!

By:O'trendon A'shad Johnson

Introduction on Getting Fit!

About how much time do you spend on your phone daily? Instead of spending countless hours on your phone how about spending some of that time at the gym.If you cannot obtain or keep good health you can and will pay the consequences. Example if you cannot keep your health in good condition you can get kicked from Sports Teams ,Stunt your Growth and countless other things. To become a great athlete you need to work on Endurance Training, Aerobic Training, and last but not least Mental Training.

Endurance Training!! Aerobic Training and Mental Training!!!!

Endurance is very important for becoming an athlete.Why is it important might you ask?Well it is important because it helps you run and do lots of activities without getting fatigued quickly. According to Dr. Richard Draper in Physical Training Exercise and Advice to start Physical Training running, swimming, football,and basketball are good ways to improve your stamina and endurance.

After Endurance is mastered Aerobic Training is next.These type of exercises include Running,Swimming,Weight Training and much more exercises. These types of exercises work on core, triceps, biceps, and quadriceps. Having physical strength is great because you are least likely to get injured than other people who are weaker. Your bones will be stronger and healthier than a average person's bones. Overall Physical strength is vital into becoming an athlete. Mental strength is probably the most important skill you could ever have. Physical strength can carry you to the Starting point but Mental Strength can fly you to the Finish line. You must train and motivate your mind to set yourself up for success. In Conclusion, To become an athlete you need to be a fit and healthy person. ''Dont give up the beginning is always the hardest''.


"Physical Training Exercises and Advice to start Physical Training'' By Dr. Richard Draper