D-Day Air Invasion

Goal: Defeating Germany

Western allies vs Germany

the commanders and leaders on D-Day were

Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Supreme Allied Commander)
Arthur Tedder (Deputy Supreme Allied Commander)
Bernard Montgomery(21st Army Group, Ground Forces Commander in Chief)
Trafford Leigh-Mallory(Air Commander in Chief)
Bertram Ramsay(Naval Commander in Chief)

Omar Bradley (U.S. 1st Army)
Miles Dempsey(British 2nd Army)


Tuesday, June 6th 1944 at 12am


  • Axis powers: Germany, Italy, Japan.

    Allied Powers:United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Canada, Brazil, Australia.
  • the Western Allies landed in northern France
  • The strategy was to invade Normandy by air, land, and sea
  • Germany couldnt hold back the attack