Al Capone

Gracie Griffis 7-8

Capones Early Years

Alphonse Capone, aka Scarface was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn New York City, Born by Illegal immigrants Gabriel & Teresina Capone. They lived in a rough part of Brooklyn New york with not the best people, Al Capone had started crime way too early he went to a Catholic school he was expelled at the age 14 with the cause of hitting a teacher and he never wanted to go back and he never went back, he quit school in the sixth grade because of all of the street ganging around his neighborhood it had been the new thing with Al Capone, He just never cared and he never went back to school. Johnny Torrio was the head street gang member, In 1925 Johnny Torrio was gunned down outside his illinois home sooner Capone had taken over the head of the street gang.

Capones Crimes

Capone has been through and done many many crimes, One of Capone's crimes were the St. Valentines Day Massacre, This occurred on February 14th, 1929, The seven men that had to do with George "Bugs" Moran, Al Capone had his enemies, Bugs moran and his seven men were Al Capone's enemies. Capone didn't have all the way to do with the St. Valentines Massacre but he was responsible for the murderers of it. He became chicago's crime king in 1929. Also a crime of Al capone was his tax invasion in Atlanta, And that's when some of his prisoning had started to happen. In May 1932 when he was 33. Capone was fined $80,000. His prison life started stronger.

Prison for Capone

Capone's first time in prison was around 1931 or 1932, Capone's first visit was caused by tax invasion, he was charged $80,000, He entered prison with 11 years to spend in Atlanta, he got sent to Alcatraz. For good behavior he got out in 1939, he spent his final year in prison they sent him to a hospital by suffering of syphilis. Capone had so much control of his situations that they had to transfer him to ALcatraz it is a prison on an island by san francisco one of the toughest prisons in the world. In 1934, Capone spent his years until 1939 he stopped a year early and they had taken him to a hospital to treat his syphilis and he got there in the hospital in 1939 and he left in 1940. He went back to his home in palm island.

Capones final days

Capone got sent home January 6th, 1939, For good behavior. Capone still owed a year sentence. He has to go to the hospital in 1939 because he had been suffering of syphilis. He had went home in 1940. Then he went home to Palm Island he spent the rest of his life there with $37,617. 51. Capone had 7 peaceful years and then he passed away in 1947 due to a cardiac arrest, he was buried in chicago.