Better Books, Superior Paper

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Harry Potter, How to Kill a Mocking Bird, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, The Godfather, 300, Freaky Friday, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia...

And the list goes on and on. But what exactly does this small list pertain too? What do they all have in common?

Yes indeed. The list above pertains to books turned into movies. Although there are titles there which seemed like they started out as movies, well, they actually started out as books. Let's admit it, the movies are actually, more often than not, more noticed and more famous than its book counterparts.

That's actually a bit depressing since those movies should be non-existent without their book counterparts. Although some (as in only a small percentage of it and not all of those) of these movies are really great and they undeniably sold millions unlike their book counterparts, the books are inevitably better than the movies.

First, the books are indeed well written. It's not just like a simple school essay which you can just write in just a matter of hours. Those books and novels are products of research, hard-work, creativity and really impressive writing skills. The stories had been conceived by gifted writers. So every situation, every scene, every chapter, every remarkable line is from the most creative writing minds of these men and women.

It's kind of obvious as well that the movies didn't need much script writers to make superior papers and scripts since they have all they need already. They only need to represent a good book and make it a movie. Some even hire the book writer itself to work for them. But most movies which basically turned the story around and somehow "disrespected" the author's creative mind and writing skills, just turn into a bad representation of it. Remember this, the writer of the book always has a reason for every character, every situation, every twists, every changes there is in the book. Adding up, subtracting some, and turning around some parts of the book is like making a whole new story again.

Moreover, since the movies only have limited running time, they cannot practically portray the whole book. But will all honesty, the beauty of the book is the wholeness of it. And just like a puzzle, if there is a certain part or piece of the book which is missing, then the beauty of it will never be complete as well. Better patronize the book first regardless of.

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