Social Studies Virtual Connections

Interested in supplementing your Elementary SS curriculum?

Virtual Connections

What are Virtual Connections?

Virtual connections connect your class to other classrooms, guest speakers, and field trips beyond your classroom walls.

Why should my class make Virtual Connections?

Provides the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures and backgrounds and experience opportunities and environments otherwise unavailable, along with connecting to standards across the curriculum.

Virtual Field Trips in the MEC

A great place to start is the Microsoft Educator Community. Click on "Skype in the Classroom" on the left-hand side of the screen to find opportunities to connect your class. Virtual Field Trips are a great place to begin! You can filter by age groups as well as subject areas. Choose subject areas like Climate and Environment, Geography, History, or Government to match your content standards.
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Helpful Resources

Other Social Studies Virtual Opportunities

The Durham Museum’s Digital Learning Program offers unique opportunities for learners of all ages. Taught by educators, these engaging and interactive classes follow National and State Social Studies Standards and are filled with primary sources featuring artifacts, videos and photographs along with pre- and post-visit activities.

Nebraska ESU Virtual Field Trip Offerings

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Virtual Learning Opportunities

Be sure to search for *free* virtual learning programs!

Need Tech Help?

New to Skype? Your building Elementary Technology Trainer can assist you in setting up your account and checking your connections for the big day! Feel free to reach out and schedule a meeting date.