Kitô Vua Hội Đồng Huynh Trưởng

December 2016


Đoàn Trưởng - Tr. Tân

  • National Day of Apostolic Work: This Sunday and next Sunday, we sell Hot Chocolate and Waffle to fundraise for flood victims in Vietnam. HT and students do receive discounts.
  • Hội Chợ Tết: We are looking for leads. Let Tr. Tân know by 12/31/16.

Đoàn Phó Quản Trị - Tr. Thảo

  • Trợ Tá Recruitment: Trợ Tá is people who wear red and blue stripes. These people are mostly parents and those who do a lot of behind the scene work for us. If you know anyone who is interested, talk to Tr. Tân and Tr. Thảo. Meeting is in January.

LA Religious Education Congress (REC)

  • Leads: Tr. Vina and Tr. Khoa
  • Transportation: Tr. Khoa (tentative)
  • Food lead: Tt. Tám
  • Lodging lead: Tr. Tiên
  • Non REC Activities lead: Tr. Thảo
  • REC Activites: Tr. Khanh
  • Financial Coordinator: Tr. Tân
  • We use Hội Chợ Cộng Đồng (February 4/5th) to fundraise for REC. We sponsor HT and non HT. HT pays for their own registration (if have kids, price is free). Guest is $100 (if have kids, price is $50). January 13th is the last day to register at $70. If past this date, the price will go up.

HT Christmas/End of Year Celebration

  • Lead: Ngành Thiếu and Ngành Nghĩa
  • Location: Tr. Thu's home
  • When: December 31st.
  • Time is TBA.
  • White Elephant with $20 minimum gift

Ngành's Updates

Ngành Ấu Nhi, Thiếu Nhi, and Nghĩa Sĩ will have Christmas Party next week. Hiệp Sĩ will create a manger and Christmas Tree today and next week.

Choir - Tr. Khanh

  • We have Christmas Caroling on Dec. 24th. We will sing first at 7pm. All proceeds will go to charity. We are looking for singers and leads. Please contact Tr. Glory for more information.



  • 1 – Tr. Timothy
  • 9 – Tr. Chính


  • 2 – Tr. Mimi
  • 13 – Tr. Sơn
  • 19 - Tr. Tommy
  • 17 – Tr. Bryan
  • 22 – Tr. Vina



  • 18 – National Day of Apostolic Work - Hot Chocolate and Waffle Sale
  • 18 - HT Adoration (Canceled)
  • 21 – Taize at Church
  • 24 - Christmas Caroling with KTV Choir
  • 25 – Christmas Break
  • 31 – HT Christmas/End-of-year Celebration


  • 1 – New Year Break
  • 8 – Chào Cờ/ HT Sinh Hoat
  • 15 – HT Sinh Hoat
  • 22 – No TNTT – Hội Chợ Tết (tentative)
  • 29 – Vietnamese New Year Break


Thank you các trưởngs and các em hiệp sĩ trưởng thành for your hard work thus far, especially to Tr. Anthony Le and Tr. Andrew Nguyen.

Kitô Vua Sacramento

Ban Thường Vụ welcome all suggestions and questions via email. Please refer to the information below. We will review it on a weekly basis and will get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you!