Weekly Newsletter

School Objects

Dear Parents,

You might be wondering what PK 3.2 has been up to during the last week. Our students focused their studies on learning about the difference between school objects and what they can find at home. We had a blast!

Little Miss Muffet

This week we learned the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet". The students had the opportunity to act out the rhyme during morning routines.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet,

Eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider who sat down beside her

And frighten miss muffet away.

The Kissind Hand

Every beginning of the year we have some students who are scared of coming to school since they feel out of place. They are separated from their parents into a unknown world with people they've never seen before. It can be scary for anyone!

"The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn is the perfect book to help children out of this scary place and see this amazing place filled with possibilities.

We read the story and then made our own kissing hands!


What is more amazing to see how children start to understand concepts such as counting and building at such an early age. Here you can find Camilo stacking up legos to relate them to the numbers in the cup.

As the week continued, children found different uses for the legos and made houses, buildings, rocket ships but related them to size. Matias decided that he was going to build different size houses while talking about the families that lived inside them. Lara opted on making towers.

Artsy You!!

This week we linked our unit on "All About Me" with school materials. In the art center we talked about the utensils they need when creating art work here at school. They used all of these material to make a craft of themselves.


How much fun can it be to use widgets to create cars, rockets, buildings, flowers, and so much more!!! PK 3.2 had the opportunity to use this widgets to make their own creations and share them to their friends in the same table.

Beady Life!

Such and entertaining activity at this age! They have to make their own patterns using the stencils and the beads. Some made purple ducks, others made colorful dogs. They enjoyed every minute of this activity.

Discover Me!

Laila found the light table to be very entertaining when we placed a picture of her face. She was so interested in looking at how her face would change color as the light table changed.

School Tour

In small groups we visited different parts of the school: Library, Nurse, Cafeteria, Computer Lab and others. Ignacio, Sofia M., and Olivia accompanied me on this tour.

Playground Fun

What happens when you take a group of kids to a small hill? They decide to roll down until they are dizzy. This is what PK 3.2 enjoyed doing in one of our recess times.


*This week we will have our first Home-School Connection. Please view the document attached so you can find out what it is.

*Some students have not brought their family pictures. Please make sure to send them this week so we can complete our Family Tree.

*Student who are staying on the Full Day Program must bring a packed lunch, a blanket and a pillow.