week of 2/16/16 - 2/19/16

Parent Tips:

Regarding Reading Notes: READ TO FEED! What is it? Please see Message to Parents Letter in the WHALE folder. The primary school has offered to sponsor our class a nickel per minute. Please note; this is an "in-house" fundraiser only. If you would personally like to contribute, please visit the Heifer International Webpage. Link attached below.

Upcoming Test: Thursday, February, 18th Math Test on double-digit subtraction with regrouping and using addition to check subtraction problems. Spelling Test: Friday, February, 19th.


  1. Spelling- Tuesday 's Word Sort
  2. Reading-Read to Feed
  3. Fluency- # of phrases correct per minute
  4. Math- ___________________


  1. Spelling- Thursday's Word Sort/Study for Spelling Test on Friday
  2. Reading- Read to Feed
  3. Fluency-# of phrases correct per minute
  4. Grammar- Say What? Quotation Marks Worksheet

Have a fantastic weekend!