Football Game

Griffin Pride

Who Will Win it ALL


Watch the 1st game of the Griffin Pride take on the lakeview leapords!

Dont forget the last three years there have been more the 3,000 people there for a middel school game.Both these teams are from the colony playing for there bragging rights and the Griffin lakeview trophy @The Colony High School SEPT.13th 5:30


D2 or (B team) and D1 or (A team) will both play but B team will play 1st so key players are Dylan Post,Ryan Blankenship,lee Crown and Chris Tuma. Some A team players are Bryce TE,Tre Willams QB,RB,WR,SS,Will Baxter QB,SS,Coltan Crutchfield WR,CR,Talon hernadez FB,Jonas Plauguer FB,Quinn Poehlein WR,SS,BS,LB,CR,