environmental efforts

Guy and Cameron


Having solar panels helps bring down pollution and we run off our own system that’s not interfering when the general public

The whole district is on one property so we don’t have different electric lines going across town and have to use an energy plant that could cause pollution.

Using proper water efficiency by not having a bunch of unnecessary plants and weeds while having timers on sprinklers to make sure we are using the right amount of water and not using to much or to little.

Solar botanic Trees

- The stronger the wind and the more light is out, the more electricity is generated

- The Nanoleaves are composed of nantenna electromagnetic collectors, which convert both “Visible” and “Invisible” light. Because of this design, they can collect electricity even after the sun has set.

- High-tech piezoelectric ribbons are use on the branches, twigs, and nanoleaves. This

allows wind to be collected along with the light.

- The trunk is made from high-strength, recycled polymer and synthetic resins, which give it it’s durability and realistic look.

- The components of the tree can survive in several different types of environments, and

even during disastrous weather conditions. However, they can break, but can be easily

repaired by installing replacement components.

solar panels

  • they absorb the sun's rays and turns them into electricity
  • have no effect on the environment
  • If power is needed at night or during the cloudy days, energy can be conserved by utilizing a utility grid or a battery bank.