Court Cases

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Heart of Atlanta Motel,Inc.V US

Businesses refused to serve African American. The owner or Motel of Atlanta which his business served mostly interstate travelers. He claimed that the law should be declared invalid under the Due process clause of the fifth Amendment The law upheld a very powerful legal tool was available to enforce equal treatment. 14th Amendment

less racism in America.


Wallace V.s Jaffree

In 1981 , The Alabama Legislature modified a 1978 statue that had allowed a moment of silence for the purpose of "meditation or prayer" Jaffrey family brought the case to trail but the defense did nothing to rebut this description of the legislative in a moment of silence, there is no obligation to pray.


Texas V.s Johnson

Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag outside of the convention center in Dallas, Texas to protest the polices of president Ronald Reagan. Gregory was arrested and he then appealed arguing that his actions were "symbolic speech" protected by the first Amendment . The court found that Johnson's actions feel into the category of expressive conduct and had distinctively political nature.