Crabber Code Newsletter

December 2014 -- Happy Holidays!!!

Discipline Data

We are continuing to see a steady decline in referrals. There were a total of 193 referrals in November with the following breakdown:

  • Tardies- 91
  • Skipping-23
  • Disorderly Conduct- 19
  • Insubordination- 19
  • Disruption- 14

Again, the most concerning problem of the team are the number of referrals resulting from tardies. The data on tardies includes the following:

  • 9th Grade- 38***
  • 10th Grade- 21
  • 11th Grade- 19
  • 12th Grade- 13

With the onset of hall sweeps and continued teacher support and presence in the hallways we will hopefully see a decrease in referrals.

Furthermore, there will be attempts by the PBIS team to reteach the expectation of being on time with a quick video created by the PBIS student team and a revival of the "Beat the Bell campaign."

Crabber Buck/ Krabba Shack Spotlight

Crabber Buck Data

We have collected data on Crabber Bucks that were turned in and have a few reminders and updates.

To effectively continue the Crabber Buck incentive we want to offer a few updates and suggestions:

1. Crabber Bucks will be distributed by Instructional Leaders every two weeks. All faculty and staff should receive 20 per month.

2. Crabber Bucks should be given with behavior specific praise and should not be given as an incentive for every student everyday. It is important to use the Crabber Bucks within a system of praise and acknowledgement within your individual classroom management plan.

3. Please sign your name legibly and check which department you are from on the Crabber Bucks. We use this to gather data and look at how we can sustain and support the effort to implement the Crabber Buck incentive.

4. We will also have raffle and other opportunities for students to cash in their Crabber Bucks outside of the Krabba Shack.

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PBIS Reboot Carnival !!! Snacks, Drinks, Raffle Prizes.... January 23rd

Please join the PBIS team on January 23rd from 2-3 in the cafeteria as we host a 2nd semester kick-off carnival. We will have raffle prizes, snacks, and information about upcoming initiatives.

We will be soliciting feedback and answering questions.

Mark your calendars!!!!

Faculty Member of the Month

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November Faculty Member of the Month Mrs. Valerie Simms

We thank you for honoring and modeling the Crabber Code for our students!

Q: How does it feel to be Faculty Member of the Month?

A: A nice honor

Q:What inspires you to teach?

A: I wanted to give back.

Q: What advice can you give new teachers?

A: Treat every child as an individual.