newsletter no. 6

spiral school of music | academic year '14/'15

Dear Parents, Students and Colleagues !

Our annual Abschlußkonzert ~ Sommerkonzert will take place at 2:00 pm on 11.07.15 at the Konzertsaal K3 of the Landesmusikakademie Berlin. Audience members are required to purchase concert tickets of 7,00 € per person in advance (free admission for children under 2 years old). To purchase your tickets please make contact. We accept cash and bank transfers submitted to the following bank account :

Denitsa Gancheva Mineva

IBAN : DE 19 10050000 6012875191


Berliner Sparkasse

☆彡student of the month

Mr Arnaud Boeglin, student of Denitsa Mineva, is a hard-working regular spiral school of music student who, despite his full time job, is deeply engaged in his violin studies. Practising in the morning before work is something he has learned from this book on practice Mr Boeglin highly recommends.

~ Please be aware of the upcoming holidays in the month of May when we are closed. Follow our calendar.

Yours, spiral school of music

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