ICONic Boyz

a New Jersey crew on TV

Who sre the ICONIc Boyz

The crew ICONic Boyz is formed by Vincent Castronovo, Louis DiPippa, Thomas Miceli, Jason Smith, Nicholas Mara,Madison Alamia, Michael Fusco and they have part at the programme ABDC (America' s Best Dance Crew) and they have arrived in the final but they arrived 2nd . they are the youngest crew in the programme and after this programme they become famous in New Jersey for their beautiful

After ABDC

After ABDC the ICONic Boyz have been getting lots of offers to do other things such as be in movies, plays, etc. they id not accept most of the offers because it would mean being away from family and friends again but probably more than 2 months. Even though Vinny and Tony had quit the ICONic Boyz they still preform at places. when they are on the bus taking them to the performance they mainly goof around and talk to their friends. they like to hang out together and have fun. They like to preform and have & greets for the fan. they enjoy meeting fans and they are glad they inspire so many people to follow their dreams and be their self.



what they danced on the season 6

1 week 1 they danced your love is my drug by Ke$ha

2 week 2 they danced just cant get enough by Black eyes peas

3 week 3 they danced teenage dream by Katy Perry

4 week 4 they danced only girl(in the world) by Rihanna

5 week 5 they danced baby by Justin Bieber

week 6 they danced to check it out by Nicki Minaj

week 7 they danced to touch the sky, love lock down, and gold digger by Kanye West and they also danced to give me every thing tonight by Pitbull

week 8 they danced they danced to baby by Justin Bieber again and Iconic Boyz and I aM mE ( the crew that won the programme) dance battled to Everyday (Coolin')by Swizz Beatz, On to the Next one by Jay-z, and I can transform ya by Chris brown

week 9 they danced to yeah 3x by Chris Brown

In the end the Iconic Boyz got runner up in ABDC. even though they did not win ABDC they had come farther then they ever thought they would they mainly went to get their name out which they did by being the youngest crew ever to preform on ABDC. their favorite part of ABDC was meeting Justin Bieber because he was a big inspiration by being a young singer/ dancer.

enjoy my flyer!!!

by Elena B :):)