Genuis Hour Project

Robots~Petr Siamashka

Why I want to build a robot.

I want to build a robot beacause I think it will be helpful that there is a robot that protects, a robot that cleans, and a robot that helps you with stuff you have trouble with, all in one robot. Dont you want a car that turns into a robot and protects you?

Some Types of Robots

Total cost of some of the parts 6,555.08

Questions? Comment down below!

How to Make a Robot

Challenges I Faced

  1. I dont have the materials.
  2. Dont have/want to spend 7000$ on the robot.
  3. Hard to find the right websites.


I found out a lot about robots and would like to build some in the future. Right now im a kid and if something blows up i might get arrested, i mean that i dont have a safe place to go to build a robot... I dont have the materials either.

Original question: How am I suppose to build this?