Animal Research-Panda Bears


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Panda Bears Ecosystem.

Panda bears live mainly in bamboo forest high in the mountians of western china and, pandas live in other places in china like sichuan, shaanxi. They also live in conferius forest with bamboo.

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Are Pandas Omnivor, Carnivore, or Herbivor?

Panda bears are omnivors. Pandas eat up to 26 to 84 ponds of bamboo everyday and, sometimes eat small rodents.

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How Humans Harm Panda Bears.

Panda bears have been endangered trough out the years, because of the largepopulationin china. People have been moving into the giant pandas habitat wich includes chopping down bamboo.

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Panda Bears Adaptations.

the adaptation is the pandas black and white furr wich not only makes them recinizable it keeps them warm in cold weathers.

How Humans Help Panda Bears Survive?

Recent laws increased gun controll and made it illegal to kill a panda. And also people help pandas by putting them into zoos and taking care of panda bears.

Pandas Special Behaviors.

panda bears signifify agression by lowering their head and staring at their oponents.

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Other Facts About Panda Bears.

Panda bears are the rearest mammal in the world. There are only 1,000 pandas left. pandas were first discovered by western nationt in 1869. Pandas eat up to 12 hours a day.Giant pandas have large and strong muller teeth too crush trough the bamboo. Pandas are up to 5 feet tall.