Titan Staff News

Week of September 8


Thank you for another great week at Tidwell!! The Admin team and I have begun our Walkthrough/Feedback process and have been thoroughly impressed with what we are seeing. Students are learning academic language, working collaboratively and using technology as a means of instruction.

The Leadership Team met this morning and we are working to finalize our campus Instructional Focus. I will be ready to share that with you at our staff meeting on Friday.

While this week hasn't been without it's challenges, when I see our students' excitement over wearing hats today or Titan TV coming around to film (and somehow I end up doing "The Whip" on camera), I am reminded of what a wonderful task we have here at Tidwell: We touch the future. There's not another job out there that has the single most impact that we do.

Rest with your families this weekend - see you Monday.


This week at Tidwell:

Monday, September 7

Students/Staff Holiday!

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, September 8

AVID Site Team Mtg 8:00am (Rm 1225)

Tennis Parent Meeting 5:00pm (café)

Wednesday, September 9

Thursday, September 10

Barker @ DLT (pm)

Lady Titan Vball vs Keller (home)

Open House 5:00-6:30

Friday, September 11

Faculty Meeting 7:45 (library)

Watch this video prior to the meeting. Agenda found here.

Important Information

  • A pizza snack will be provided for staff before Open House.
  • Join me in Congratulating Tammy Jeffers as our new PEIMS/Registrar. We will miss Ann as she leaves us this coming week.
  • NEF Appeal ends Sept 10th. The information was provided to you in your 'gift bag' at Convocation.
  • Faculty Meeting Friday! Please watch the following video prior to the meeting. We will host the iSchool Advcoates Student Panel (Titan students!!). They will be taking questions from you. You can submit questions ahead of time using this link.
  • When a student is being tested for Special Education, please note that they will be out of the classroom for quite a bit of time. Full Individual Evaluations (FIEs) take many hours to complete. These students are responsible for the content missed during their absence, yet not every single assignment. Please do you best to support these students.
  • Please only send students to the nurse who are in dire need of assistance. You have band-aides for minor first aide in your classrooms.

Open House Information

Time: 5:00-6:30

Professional Dress

Parents will visit classrooms in a 'come and go' style

AVID Parent Orientation 5:15 and 5:45

Moodle/HAC Information 5:15 and 5:45

5:00 Dyslexia Parent Meeting

  • Reminders:
    Make sure your bulletin boards look good and fresh.
  • Ensure hallways are clean and free of trash and other items.
  • Help out your neighbors who may need assistance.
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Sweatin' in the PLCS

Week of September 8th

Reminder: There will be no formal PLCs this week.

Your grade level AP will contact you regarding focused walk-throughs. These will take place during various conferences times and will take no longer than 10 minutes. If you have a concern with the date/time you are invited, please do not hesitate to talk with your AP.

We will use the data from the classroom walks in the next PLCs. (Week of Sept 14th) Thank you to our teacher who are opening up their classrooms to their peers!

We have had several questions regarding requirements during conference periods. As always, my goal is to honor your much needed time. You have many demands placed on you as a teacher and nothing is more important than what you do for our students. Please know that the minimum requirement set forth from TEA for conference time is 450 aggregate minutes over a two week period. Our bell schedule here at Tidwell allows for you to have 482 minutes every two weeks. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to talk with you.

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College Spirit Day Winners!

6th Grade: Derbin

7th Grade: Flurry

8th Grade: Wilburn

Come to the office and claim your prize!