Miss Ostwalt's Class Newsletter

October 2015

Important News

Room 105 is in full swing! What is going on in our class?

-Social Studies & Science: Last week, we finished up our Social Studies Unit on Civics and Government. This week, we started our Science unit on sound!

Some questions to ask your student: What causes sounds? (vibrations)

What are the 3 states of matter? (solid, liquid, gas)

Which state of matter does sound travel through the fastest? (solid)

-Reading: A couple of weeks ago, we started switching classrooms for reading. Many of your students have a different second grade teacher for reading! In our new reading groups, your student is getting instruction specifically designed for their needs. In all reading classes, we are working on describing characters using character traits and feelings.

A question to ask your student: What is the difference between a character trait and a feeling? (A character trait describes a character's personality or how they are on the inside. A feeling describes a character's emotions.)

-Math: Currently, we are working on counting coins. Throughout this math unit, we are working on place value, skip counting, telling time, money, and fact fluency.

Something to practice with your student: Recognizing coin faces and naming coin values, telling time, skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 100s

-Writing: Your students should be experts on writing personal narratives by now! Soon, we will be choosing a personal narrative to publish.

Something to practice with your student: Capitalizing the first letter of their sentences, using appropriate punctuation, using details in their writing

Important Dates

October 10th- Fall Festival

October 14th- Field Trip to Old Salem

October 21st- Picture Day

October 22nd- Skate Night

October 23rd- Early Dismissal

Check us out on the morning announcements!

We taught the whole school how to be responsible, respectful, and safe in different areas of the school. We come on around the 2:40 mark.