History Of Pi

By: Amanda

What Is Pi

Pi is the ratio of the circumference to diameter. It is expressed as C÷D=3.14 or something close to it because if you round you will not get the same number

How Was Pi Discovered

PI was dicovered in 2550 bc in ancient Greece by a mathematician named Archimedes of Syracuse

What Is Pi Used For

Pi is used to calculate circumference and area.The formulas are,

Pi×radius ^2=area



What Are The First Twenty Digits of Pi


How to remember thexactly first 8 digits of pi

You can remember the first 8 digits of pi by remembering the phrase

Can I have a large container of coffee

3. 1415926

Is Pi an Irrational Number

Yes Pi is an irrational number because it is an endless non repeating number. For example

9.6565656 is not irrational it

3.1415926 is irrational because it's not repeating