from cocoa beans to chocolate

By: Maddie Callum


What is chocolate made of ? What is chocolate? What is fantastic that every body loves?

Cocoa Beans to Factory

Chocolate starts as cocoa beans. First, The cocoa beans are planted.Then, The cocoa beans are planted to grow. After that the workers open the pods and they take them to the factory!

Cocoa Beans Go to the Machine

The pods go to the factory.First they lay beans on to a train. Then, Beans get cooked while roasting . After that the beans get mixed with milk and sugar . Last, they pour it.

History of chocolate

First, chocolate is made from cocoa beans. Then ever sense 1907 the costumers were delighted sense 1907. In 1894 a man named Milton hershey started selling chocolate from his factory in hershey Pennsylvania. Today the hershey company is the largest chocolate maker in north America.

Yummy chocolate

First, chocolate is a fantastic treat for everyone! Chocolate is amazing treat for most people! Chocolate comes in many different flavors and forms!
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