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We Are Hawks!

March 6, 2023

Irons Family,

I cannot believe that we are a week away from spring break! We have had a busy few weeks. Irons students have completed course selection for 8th and 9th-grade students and competed in robotics, science fair, and science bowl. We finished our track season and have started soccer, tennis, and golf to round out our spring sports. We have also had fantastic choir, band, and theatre performances, to name a few events.

Spring Break runs from Monday, March 13th to Monday, March 20th. Students will return to School on Tuesday, March 21st.

Irons National Jr. Honor Society has done a fantastic job with service to the school. I cannot thank them enough for the several trash clean-up days they have completed on campus. Thank you for your leadership!


On the instructional side, our students have taken STAAR Interim assessments in all core subjects. The data we receive will help our teachers develop reteaching and intervention plans over the next few weeks to meet student needs. Students who do not meet the minimum standard on the STAAR assessment must receive 30 hours of small group intervention per subject in summer school or next school year in an intervention class. You can help by ensuring that your child is in attendance for school every day and supporting your child by encouraging them always to give their best effort.

All STAAR Assessments will be online this year. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • April 25th 7th Reading STAAR
  • April 26th 8th Reading STAAR
  • April 27th or 28th Reading STAAR Make-up
  • May 2nd 8th Science STAAR
  • May 3rd 8th Social Studies STAAR
  • May 4th or 5th STAAR Make-up
  • May 9th 8th Math STAAR
  • May 10th 7th Math STAAR and Algebra EOC
  • May 11th or 12th STAAR Make-up


The CISD Bus Smart tags have been a success. Most students use the tags when loading and unloading our buses daily. To increase the speed at which we can load and unload, please remind your child to have their smart tag out and ready anytime they are loading and unloading buses. By doing this, we believe our buses' on-time performance will improve.

If your child needs a new smart tag, we will print a new tag for two dollars.

For the safety of all students, we will only allow our car rider students to exit in front of the school. Parents, please do not ask your child to violate this expectation. It will take all of us working together to keep our students safe.

Summer School:

Summer School Information will be out soon. Please encourage your student to stay on top of assignments. The last nine weeks will go quickly. Parents, you can always stay on top of your student's academic performance by monitoring grades, attendance, and referrals in Parent Access Center.

Student Behavior:

As we enter the last quarter of the school year, inappropriate school behavior typically increases. Parents, please partner with us and talk with your children about proper school behavior. An excellent place to start this conversation is the Irons Guidelines for success. If students follow the guidelines daily, all students can and will be successful!

2023-2024 Liberty Stars Tryout Information:

Mandatory Pre-Tryout Parent & Candidate Meeting:

March 21st 6:00pm at Irons

Tryout Applications Due:

Tryout packets due by 4:00 PM via Liberty Stars Website

Mandatory Tryout Clinic:

April 3rd, 4th, 5th Officers 4:30-5:30pm

April 3rd. 4th, 5th Team 5:30-7:30pm

Mandatory Tryouts:

April 6th beginning at 4:45-Irons Gym

New Team Meeting:

April 11th Team Member & Parent 6:00 PM

*Team members and at least 1 parent/guardian must attend*


We are in our final weeks to purchase a yearbook!! Once the final 30 are sold that is all. Get yours before we are sold out!!

Purchase Yearbook

Student Attendance Matters:

Average daily attendance affects our funding, our campus rating, and mostly your student's academic progress. Our goal is 97%, and our current campus average attendance is 94.4%. Please encourage and ensure your student attends school daily.

Red Carpet Awards:

Red Carpet Awards Night will take place April 18th at 6:30 in the Irons cafeteria. Students receiving awards will receive an invitation.

Final Exam Schedule:

Final Exams will start Friday, May 19th. You can find the full schedule below.

Theatre Production of High Musical:

Irons Theatre and Choir are performing High School Musical March 28-31 at 7:00 in the Irons cafeteria. You can purchase tickets with the QR Code below.

Robert MacFarlane

Irons Jr. High Principal

We Are Hawks!

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