Stepping Out On The Court

A day in the life of women's basketball shoes

Chuck Taylor Allstars

The first basketball shoe was a converse known as the "Chuck Taylor Allstar" which , were worn through much of the 1960's.

Nikes and Modern shoes

Next you get into your Nikes , Jordan's , and Lebron's as well which have lasted until present day 2015 from about the 90's/start of the 2000's.

A little bit before that was the Ewing which eventually went out of style a little bit after its popular times.

The Timeline of shoes put out into pictures

Time To Get On The Court

What I would do in these shoes...

These shoes are officially made to play basketball on a regulated basketball court. In these shoes I would run , jump , and play my heart out while , trying to remain as active as possible throughout the whole day. I would also , slide , turn and move all about during the game of basketball so , the high tops are to prevent ankle roles because , they happen to be very prevalent in the game of basketball. In conclusion , in these shoes I would practice and practice till I got it right with , all the determination in the world because , when I come off that court as sweaty and red faced as anyone could possibly be ... I know I have done my job and those shoes have served their purpose.

My Passion Connection

I've always loved being active and playing sports , it's definitely a passion I have and I hope with all of my heart and soul that I will always stay active and always play. Even , when I go into my biggest passion of being a vet and working with animals I want to always stay active and on my feet when I can while , continuing to live it up.
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