Scientific Investigations

Kayla and Olivia

Asking Scientific Quistions

Scientific quistions are not opinons they are facts. They can be proven in by a scientific brain like yours! Like asking what is your favorite color is not a scientific quistion something like which animal in the zoo weighs the least is a scientific quistion.

Types of Scientific Investigations

Discribes how something works in many different way's.You need to decide how to answer the quistion before answering the quistion. . You need different tools to figure out something in a Scientific Investigations. Such as a book you could lift it to feel how heavy it is, you could measure it to see how wide or how tall it is, and you could just look at it to learn it's color shape or size.

Designing a Fair Experiment

Designing a fair experiment is designed to to tell you about an experiment. An example is if you set out two different plants and you water one and just let the other one alone which one would be good after a month? Now that is a Fair Experiment!

Collecting Data

The main idea of the title collecting data is it explains how to use a chart to collect data or information used in a scientific experiment.

Drawing Conclusions

The main idea of collecting data is you should draw your own conclusions because copying them is not right to do it is plagiarism. You should always draw your own conclusions instead of copying them from somewhere else in the world around you.

Main Idea Of Article

The main idea of this passage is to teach you about scientific investigations in many different ways.