Goosebumps Wizard Of Ooze

By Trevor

Main Characters

The Ooze he is really gooey, Gabriella who likes to talk a lot, and Marco who is a big kid that should be a football player that is a big softy.

Book Information

Title- The Wizard Of Ooze Author- R.L. Stine Copyright date- Sept. 10 2010 genre- Fiction I think that because I don't think there is anyone that is covered in garbage and hot oil chasing people and trying to ooze them by falling on top of them and putting hot oil on them.

Main Conflict

The main conflict is that The Ooze is chasing Marco and that they want something and Marco doesn't know what it is. This is a character vs character.

Selling The Book

This book is a nail biter you will be on the edge of your seat. The ooze is wicked and very messy walking around with all of his oil on him. The ooze is at his evilest in this book.

Characters continued

The Person below is Marco one of the main characters. He is a little bit skinner but I couldn't find a better picture.
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