North Africa and WWII Morcos G 20

By: George Morcos

How were the Allied and Axis powers involved in the battles of North Africa?

The Allied powers and Axis powers were constantly at war in North Africa for control of the Suez canal and the Mediterranean sea port.

Why was North Africa so desired by Italy and the Axis force?

Italy in North Africa

During the mid 1930’s, Italy was under the control of the dictator, Benito Mussolini, Mussolini believed that his government was strong and he attacked Ethiopia to prove that and because Ethiopia had defeated Italy before that. Ethiopia was no match for Italy, and it’s capital was captured very quickly. Italy made it it’s new colony.

What were the battles of North Africa for the Allied and Axis sides?

For Germany, the battles in North Africa became a distraction from their main goals of WWII although Italy benefited from Germany’s involvement. Yet for Italy the battles of North Africa were more to express their imperialistic style under Benito Mussolini. For the Allied side Particulary Britain and France, the battles of North Africa were fought mainly to defend Egypt specifically the Suez canal and the passage to Asia.

Italy attacks Greece

Mussolini was forced to atack Greece by Hitler. Hitler believed that if the Italian's conquer Greece, it would leave no room for an attck from the Medeterinian on Italy or Europe as a whole. The battle proved to be disastous for Italy because they brought unsufficent ammunition and equitment. Iatlian war generals depised Mussolini because of his inexperince in leading a full on campagin.

Erwin Rommel and his victories

General Erwin Rommel was nicknamed the desert fox because he and the German troops quickly adapted to the harsh desert conditions. He quickly launched an unexpected attack on the allies particularly France. The French had to retreat and left the burden of defending Egypt to the British Royal Air Force.

North African Campaign WWII

Here is a map showing several areas that were mentioned in the presentation