save the Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs in the chesepeake bay destroyed by pollution

water pollution in the bay affects the crab's position in the food web

Naturally Blue Crabs are both predators and prey in the Chesapeake bay habitat; therefore the slightest change in population may disrupt the whole system and organisms as a whole in the bay. Blue crabs filter the water inherently to keep the phytoplankton and algae from blooming too profusely. so if we lose these vital organisms the ecosystem will fail.

just how bad is pollution to these crabs?

its estimated that there are about 297 million blue crabs living and thriving in our bay, but that number dwindles down every year due to environmental changes that aren't natural. underwater grass beds that protect crabs, provide shelter and bring food to them easily, are being destroyed by urban runoff and human garbage. As these vital grass beds disappear, the growth rates of blue crabs decreases and the population significantly lowers. these important species cant survive in these horrid conditions and nasty waters. So our job is to take action and prevent further damage from happening! We can pick up our trash, keep boaters out of shallow grassy waters, and restore the Bay on our time in little ways.