Singley Street Journal

January 8th, 2016

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year Parents! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Winter Break! The students and I came back excited to start 2016 in a meaningful way. We started the New Year by reflecting on things we enjoyed in 2015 and making 3 personal and 3 academic goals for the new year!


Reading Workshop

This week, students finished up their current guided reading books. We are doing a culminating activity before we starting our new books next week. In addition, we discussed comma rules. Our story this week was Dear Mr. Winston. As we read, we talked about how we can draw conclusions and make generalizations from the text.

24 Tournament!

Math 24 is a game that involves using different math operations and numbers to combine them to make the number 24. This is a game I used to play when I was in fourth grade, so I was very excited when one of our students received it as a gift! After practicing how to play the game, we had our own in class tournament! Hayden was our first 24 Tournament Winner. We look forward to play again in the future!

Writing Workshop

Students are continuing to finish up their personal essays. We have been discussing the concept of revising while we write. This is so that at the end the students do not feel overwhelmed with the revising and editing piece. I am looking forward to sharing their finished pieces with you!

Immigration Unit

Students have been working hard to create an immigrant journal that showcases the struggles immigrants while coming to America. we are currently writing Diary Entry #5. Soon, you will be hearing about an immigration project and festival! Stay tuned for more details!