Inside Warren Middle School


Basketball is all about working as a team with others to reach a common goal, building friendships and turning you into a disciplined person. The coaches at WMS (Warren Middle School) do a great job at teaching you the game while having fun, trying to turn you and your team into all-stars. A downside to joining the team is that if you like to jack around, you along with your fellow teammates will run. ALOT!


Band is a great thing to join because it teaches you how to play as a band and how to play the instrument of your choice. While learning how to play a specific instrument, you build great relationships and you learn things like how to focus and multi task. Although it is very fun, band costs lots of money, but overall, band is a great elective at Warren Middle School.

PreAP Classes

PreAP classes are more advanced level classes that help you learn more within the year and help you think more critically. AP classes are for you if you love to think outside the box or want to learn more in one year. PreAP could also be for kids that don't think as critically because the teachers for PreAP classes usually know more about the subject than the teachers that teach on-level classes. However, PreAP classes are challenging because of the responsibility; homework and projects will pile up more than on-level classes.

Warriers For Christ

Warriers for Christ is a great club to join because it teaches you about God. If you decide to come, they dive deep into the word and you always walk away, knowing something you didn't know before. It makes you a better person and helps you make better decisions in the long run; however, some problems with the club is that it is held in the morning. If you wake up late or participate in boys athletics, you may not be able to make it.

Student Council

If you think of yourself as the leader type, you should join student council. They make multiple decisions such as: how to make the school a better place, how create a safe environment, and what activities we can add to the new focus time. It is a great experience and makes you a very responisble person. The only downside to student council is a big one however: it takes up alot of your time.