Meet Terri Farley

Author of the Phantom Stallion series

A little about the author.....

Terri's experience hiking, mountain biking, witnessing wild horse round-ups and riding on cattle drives sparked hundreds of stories in her imagination. She began writing the adventures she longed for as a city girl.

Terri is an advocate for the West's wild horses and she works with young people learning to make their voices heard.

Mustangs have thrived for thousands of generations, but now are under attack from people who see them as pests. Some are sent to long-term holding pens; more and more are sold for slaughter. But courageous young people are trying to stop the round-ups and the senseless killings. With eye witness accounts and cutting-edge science, Wild at Heart invites readers into the world of mustangs in all its beauty, and profiles the young people leading the charge to keep horses wild and free.

Meet Terri Farley at Boulder Bookstore

Saturday, Jan. 16th 2016 at 4pm

1107 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Terri will be giving a passionate presentation about....for ages 10 through 18. For more information see:

How you can Help Wild Horses

Visit Terri Farley's page to educate yourself about wild horses.