Behavioural management approach is coming

Change is coming

Have you ever been upset when your manager bossy around all day and you had to do whatever he asked? Have you ever felt you are not a part of this company just because you did not have a chance to contribute to any company's decisions? Do you have so many ideas that want to be hear and needs want to be satisfied?
We care about our staff--you, and your feelings, we want you to feel you are part of our company. So now the big change is coming! Our management style is now officially changed to BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT APPROACH!!!

What is the new management style?

The behavioural management approach is basically:
– humanistic approach: employees are the most important resources
– economic and social needs of employees should be satisfied
– employee participation in decision making
– team-based structure
– managers need good interpersonal skills
– democratic leadership style emerging.

What is going to happen?

We simply put more attentions to what you think and how you feel because you are a important part of the company. All the managers and team leaders are going to change from a instructor to a good listener, they generalise new, great and funny ideas from their value team member, they care their team members and trying to help with their needs, they set up a suitable goal for their team and motivate them to work together as a high-performance team.
As motivation is a key factor for us to working towards our potentials. HR department is going to identify our value members monthly to give a reward. Not only the rewards, but also the appreciation of continuously hard working. Besides, we will try our best to help our staffs' needs.
Communication is also an important part of a business, however we only use ' step by step' communication style as if you have a problem you only talk to your superior manager but not anyone higher than that, this communication style is gone, instead we are using ' open door policy' as if you have a problem feel free to talk to anyone in the management team even the CEO even you never see him before.


The base structure of our company is going to be team instead of individuals.
You working in a team, facing problems together and achieve goals together.
Also team stands for Talents, Efficiency, Ability, Motivation.
Hoping to see a big change of our company!!