Fire Starters

Flint is used to start fires. Flint is more reliable than a lighter because it takes longer to run out.Strike the magnesium (flint) with a piece of steel and it wil spark.It may take a while to get used to but it is a simple device.


Kindling is the part of the fire that catches first.Kindling consists of small dry pieces of wood.Leaves and dry grass can also be used to start a fire.Make sure to put the kindling under the bigger pieces of wood so they catch.

Fire pit

It is important to clear any debris away from the pit sight.Either dig a hole in the dirt and or put big rocks around it to contain the fire.Do not over flow the walls with sticks or the fire will get out. If you dig a shallow hole then line it with rocks to help keep the fire from burning any roots.

Fire hazards

As well as essential for survival fires are very dangerouse. They are unpredictable and can be dificult to stop. water is the best bet for putting out a small wilderness fire before it spreads.It is important to always stay a safe distance from the fire to avoid burns.