Ancient Egyptian Government

By: Isabella Dretzka

Who was the ruler?

The ruler was the Pharaoh, and when he or she died, the rule was passed on to their child. If they had no child, there was an election to see who would start a new dynasty.

Who Helped the Pharaoh?

The Vizer and Government Officials helped the pharaoh on decisions and taking care of the people.

What was the Vizer's job?

He was a special adviser that made sure the country ran smoothly

What did the Government Officials do?

The government officials helped to carry out orders that Pharaoh gave.

What exactly did Pharaoh do?

He or she would have to make decisions on what would happen in a dispute, make sure the army was trained, make sure everyone had food, oversee the building of temples and other public buildings, and of course, give incredibly boring speeches to the citizens!