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Week of Sept 26-30

Spelling Words

Spelling Words:

This week there are NO NEW spelling words. Students that have failed previous test will have an opportunity to re-take those test to improve their spelling grade!

Old Spelling Words

Week 1-

eleven sixteen thirty eighty

twelve seventeen forty ninety

thirteen eighteen fifty hundred

fourteen nineteen sixty thousand

fifteen twenty seventy million

Week 2 -

evaporation condensation precipitation
plateau peninsula isthmus

island piedmont region

Week 3 -

caribou stratus cumulus
cumulonimbus cirrus igloo
migrate squash environment

Week 4-

difference anemometer explorer
European journey because
measurement instrument explain

Week 5-

*preheat *preview *preteen
*prepaid *prerecord *pretest
*preapprove *precaution *predict


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Thursday: EARLY DISMISSAL AT 11:45