Benjamin Franklin

Story 5.6

Lesson Objectives

Student will learn more facts about the life of Benjamin Franklin.


In our story, Benjamin Franklin, we will learn he liked to take ordinary items and use them in different ways. We will also learn that he lived in Boston with his parents and his sixteen brothers and sisters. Let's read and listen to the story below, and learn more about Ben!

Ben Franklin and His First Kite
Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by Gene Barretta


Today you will read our Scholastic News Magazine, Benjamin Franklin issue on your Scholastic News app. Click on the app on your iPad, then type in your class's password.

Read the magazines, watch the videos, and complete the back page. Once this is finished, then play the skill game.



Complete the following paper to turn in to your teacher.


We learned in our story this week that Benjamin helped his father in the family's candle making shop. Watch this video on the making of a candle.

How to Make Candles the Old-Fashioned Way : Basic Candle Making
Mr. Rogers Shows How to Make Candles
How It's Made Carved Candles