Elizabeth's Adventure

First Quarter Reflections

My Greatest Acommplishment

The crowd was roaring, My heart was pounding, I could even hear my own heart beat. I was so scared to start performing.Then it struck me, it was here. Fear fest 4.44 in 4-D was about to start (I was actually sad that it was going to end). It was a night mare. My greatest accomplishment was about to happen. I've been working on this for 1 month and I don't feel confident. Well, I did have to make one song in one month and after 2 weeks I also found out that I had to learn another song and help make dance moves. But now here I am about to perform. Oh no it's my turn. I feel my self walk onto stage. It wasn't so bad after all. A.F.F was awesome, I thought the movie was going to be scary, I loved it.
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My Greatest Challenge

Everything went wrong, I was scared. I only had ten minutes to finish instead it took me a day. My dolphin had gone completely wrong because of the recording. I had to make sure that my bus wasn't late the next morning so that I could complete and redo my project. Luckily it turned out great and I got an A+ in my project.

My Goal For The Next Quarter

My goal for the next year is to start and accomplish new projects and have a really fun second quarter. I hope to get an A in ELA and Math. And my biggest goal of all is that if we have another big class project, I think that I can do something much more awesome.