Law and Order : Blackfish Case

By : Joey Richardson


In the documentary Blackfish , Gabriela Cowperthwaite is successful in showing the negative impact that Sea world has made on the employees present and past and the whales through interviews with employees explaining the agony of the treatment while employed at Sea world and the tragic treatment of the whales.

Example 1

Sea world blamed Dawn the trainer of Tilikum for her own death because Dawn had her hair in a pony tail when it should of been in a bun which they claimed Tilikum grabbed when she was killed.
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Example 2

Sea world responded to every injury case with the same re mark it was trainer error , when reviewed it came to be that the trainer did nothing wrong it was the whale itself which caused the deaths because of anger or agony.
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Example 3

The whales that were in a family were separated and were mixed in with a bunch of different whales which resulted in abuse from the whales and Sea World themselves.
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Blackfish had a major impact on me as viewer i do not like to see abuse or someone in agony and it was depressing to see that these whales that i have actually seen perform live were being treated like this. It has changed my mind because whales are animals and animals shouldn't be kept in captivity because they're " wild animals" regardless of the situation. Blackfish gave me a better perspective of the abuse occurring at Sea World because you would think if a business is gonna pay a lot of money for this animal they would take care of it and keep it healthy and happy. Then Sea World blaming their own employees for their injuries or deaths and the employees went along with it to save their job when it was the whales themselves causing the deaths and injuries because of captivity.
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