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I’m here to protect the trees so they don’t get cut down. All of humans on earth want to have a healthy environment, but some people who cut down trees are taking that away from you. So I decided to have a passion project, to help the environment especially trees. So do you want to have a stroll in the park in 2080, Do you want your grandchildren to experience butterflies? If you do help the forest help the trees all trees matter.

What is deforestation?

Deforestation is an ecological problem of trees getting cut down. Deforestation affects many animals, but also affects people and soil.

Deforestation Causes

There are many causes of deforestation in Costa Rica. For example, cattle farming is a major cause of this problem. Cattle farming is an example of intensive farming.

Another possible cause of deforestation is mono crop agriculture. Mono crop agriculture is a type of intensive farming in which farmers cut down trees. Intensive monocrop farming is only planting one type of crop like pineapple and rice. When people start intensive farming they cut down many trees.

A final cause of deforestation in Costa Rica is fast food production. Some restaurants such as Burger King and Wendy's pay money to the Costa Rican farmers to cut down their trees to provide a cheap source of meat.

Effects of Deforestation

There are many effects of deforestation in Costa Rica. First, there is habitat loss from cutting down trees in Costa Rica. Animals like sloths, scarlet macaws, and monkeys are losing their habitat due to deforestation.

Second, there are no more trees because there are large real estate developments. This also is a major cause of deforestation. Real estate development is a company that builds houses and hotels and to build they need a clear and stable space. There are so many trees that HUMANS cut down for clear spaces to build.

Finally, fragmentation. Fragmentation is when there is no more of something like trees. Trees are extremely valuable for humans, the environment and for animals. The trees give air and if we didn't have trees, everyone and everything would be DEAD.

Solutions to deforestation

First, participating in tree planting groups like Community Carbon Trees and Costas Verdes is helpful for the environment.

Second, we need to save the corridors. The corridors are important for the environment and the animals. Me and my classmates went to Rancho La Merced Uvita Puntarenas Costa Rica to plant a corridor.

Third, We can have backyard farms that we can put trees in.


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I would like to help the world

I would love to change the world in lots of ways but first I would like to help deforestation.

Support Tree Jenni in Costa Rica Uvita Puntarenas