Local News Update


Last Tuesday the Iranians sought to spell out in its clearest terms though they are not seeking no clear weapons , announced by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that he will ban nuclear weapons. Iran may have carried out a atomic bomb trigger test as inspectors from the U.N.
Furthermore Iran's president "said that the country must move away from dependence on oil revenue to overcome western sanctions that have slowed the economy disrupted foreign trade". Mahound Ahamedind said that "structual changes" are needed in Iran's economy to counter sanctions that have targeted crude oil exports. Iran has long waited on oil revenue for about 80% of its foreign currency. The U.S and its allies may feel they are making nuclear weapons.
Next tahran had a earthquake January 12. An 5.2 earthquake shook the providince. The quake occured at 6:55, despite its strength it did'nt do no damage or hurt people.


Recently in Iraq there was a suicide bomber that killed more than thirty people. The bomb was in the trunk of a car. the tragedy happened wednesday morning in northern Iraq and Baghdad, more than 170 were wounded.

Furthermore in Iraq, bad weather cuts oil shipment to 960,000 barrels a day, but a day earlier it was about 2.35 million barrels. a source says that he predicts a low BPD (Barrels Per Day) figure for January. "Bad weather is one of the major issues that could affect average exports for this month," an official with Iraq's State- Run South Oil Company said.

Another story tonight has a U.S. intel chief from the Iraq- US war being praised. Thomas Fingar, who served as the director of the National Intelligence Council, will be getting the annual award from Sam Adams Associates. Fingar will be getting the award for integrity and intelligence, during the wake of the Iraq war intelligence fiasco.


Our top story tonight covers an attack on an Afghan Intelligence Agency in Kabul, Afghanistan. We're still getting details but we know the attack was carried out by the Taliban two minibuses. The first bus contained a large bomb, the second contained 5 armed men, after the first blew up the second was stopped by NDS. Nearby shops were destroyed and debris was scatted around a 150 yard radius.

Our next story covers last weeks meeting between the US and Afghanistan, which some describe as "a last desperate attempt to save a dying marriage." This reflected badly to some who think democrats shouldn't be trusted with US security. Finally Afghan citizens struggle to get through winter, all we know is the death toll is over 10,000.