Ms. Johnston's 3rd Grade Class

Our Weekly Update


I am a recent University of Houston graduate and I am super excited to be teaching this class! Third grade is my ideal age group because these kids are so smart. Being able to help them reach their full potential at this age is such a joy. I am excited to teach your children both academic skills, and skills such as organization and responsibility for their education.

Our First Reading Project

Our first reading project of the school year will be over Charlotte's Web. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this book! We will spend time reading and checking for comprehension in the classroom. Students are also expected to read this book at home. We will wrap up the unit with a play in class. Parents are welcome to come watch!

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Cougar Elementary Fall Fair

We have our school's annual fall fair coming up soon! There will be carnival games, inflatables, food, and much more. This will be on October 18th, and I will provide more information as it is available. Here's a picture of last year's fall fair.

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Clubhouse Classroom

In my classroom, I believe in creating a clubhouse environment where students create their own experiences. Groups are created, and those groups decide their own schedule and do all of their research to be able to teach our class new and interesting things. The groups rotate through social studies, science, math, and reading "clubs". This helps students to really understand and enjoy what they are learning, rather than just listening to me talk about the things they're researching on their own. Here's a picture of my classroom, so you know where your kids are.

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First Week of School Highlights

Our first week of school was a very fun and exciting one! I've loved getting to know my students this week. Some of our first week activities:

  • We played games to learn about each other.
  • We worked on creating a community where we feel comfortable sharing.
  • We took placement tests so I can see areas I need to focus on during instruction.
  • We spent lots of time discussing our ideas for the best classroom rules and a contract for our behavior in the school.
  • We decided what kind of students we want to be and will be this school year. A picture of this is included.
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