Kepler 22b Endor

Parent Star

About Endor/Parent Star

Radius: 15.2904millions meters, Diameter: 30.5808 millions meters, Mass: 5.97*10^24, Average Distance from its Sun: 79 millions miles., Average Temperature: 22*C, Length of the day: Earth like days, Length of a year(orbital period): 290 for complete orbit, Number of moons & rings: no moons & rings, g =10.62, My weight on Earth & on Kepler: 64 kg on Earth & 679.68 on Kepler.

Interesting Facts, Problems that Experience and solution to that Problems...

It takes 6200 years to reach there at the speed of 0.1C so my age after reaching there will be 6215 years old, Interesting Facts: It was the first confirmed discovery by the Kepler Mission of a planet known to orbit in the habitable zone.
  • The planet orbits a star similar in mass and radius to our own sun, but it is around 25% less bright. Problems that Experience: 620 light years away from the Earth. Solution: Make a spacecraft which goes faster then space of light.
  • It is 620 light years from the Earth

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    How will you survive there?

    I will find my way by staying there and keeping some signs there. I will take some oxygen cylinders and space food to survive there on Endor.

    The Promise of Kepler-22b