Inshore Marine Habitats!!

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A marine habitat is a place where sea animals live like fishes and sting rays. You will not see animals like sharks and whales here. Inshore marine habitats are usually shallow or barely deep bodies of water. You can find many living things like sea grass, fish, and many other living things. You may also find lots of rocks and shells in many different sizes.

Non-living things

  • Oil spills
  • Pollution
  • Sand
  • Rocks

Abiotic factors

  • This is an aquatic ecosystem
  • There is Sand,Rocks,Coral and Dirt
  • The Avg. Temp of a marine biome/habitat is usually from 39 degrees fahrenheit and is usually warmer near the equator.
  • Marine habitats have saltwater, and it is freeflow
  • Usually wind effects this ecosystem because they cause waves but that's not a major problem...
  • My ecosystem receives as much sunlight as the sun will give it.
  • Nutrients may come from animals that other animals eat.
  • When people throw trash and and food into the ocean it is polluting and some small animals can die from suffocation
  • Sea grass/sea weed, is one if if not the most important plant in the marine habitats because
  • Habitats contain sea water diluted by land runoff; water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen are important determiners of species' diversity and overall ecosystem productivity.

Some pictures of Inshore Marine Habitats

Biotic Factors

  • Sea grass is one of the major plants. It is important too. These is also a black needlerush plant.
  • Some examples of animals are Pink shrimp, Oysters, and gulls (etc.)
  • All of these animals are aquatic.
  • Usually the plants are sea grass/sea weed

Human impacts.

Inshore Marine habitats have a huge impact on humans. We can use the fish for food and we can use the water for swimming or for our drinks. Removal of wetlands and grass beds. pollution from industrialization, urbanization, recreation, and agriculture.
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Domain- Eukarya
Kingdom- Animalia


Class- Mammalia

Order- Sirenia

Family- Trichechidae

Genus- Trichechus

Species- Inunguis