The Ride of Your Life

Tic Tac Toe Row Two

Before me stands a monstrosity.

Towering high over any tall city.

A coaster so large, so grand. so great.

Looming above every building in the Empire State.

I'm already afraid, just looking right at it.

The ride looks awful; it'll force me to vomit.

Or no, worse- barfing's too mild.

It would definitely kill me, leave me screaming like a child.

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Somehow I still ride it, neglecting my fear.

But as I get on, I feel my end is near.

The train pulls up, and I cannot help but scream.

The mess of loops is like a pretzel, it's worse than the most horrible of dreams.

As the cart is tossed around, I develop a thought.

The coaster isn't a monster; it really is not.

After much screaming and thinking, the ride comes to a end.

The terror has been overcome; it is "gone with the wind".